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Customized and Personalized

Experienced customization means you get precisely what you want – see some of our handiwork here. It will be unique – your statement. We serve in one of these areas.


We know your boat is your baby - we care. We offer solutions designed to fit your budget and can…


We can support, service, install and repair commercial boats used for rental. We know these craft take a beating and…

White Label

You may be a marina or a sound shop "on the shore". With our knowhow and trained team, we can…

Audio Freedom

Sound Your Independence
Time on the Lake with the Music you Love.

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A Sample of Our Projects

These are a few of our latest customizations for very satisfied clients.

Quick Integration

Added these speakers to look perfectly matched with the original. Don't they look nice together.

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Fun Features

Add fun features to make the experience more enjoyable. We can put speakers anywhere and you will have a blast.

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Sound Engine

Fully integrated controls and wiring drive everything with plenty of capacity to expand.

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Perfect Integration

Beautifully fitted to match the original turnout of the vessel sets you apart when your friends are on board or that special someone.

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Beautiful Cockpit

We put you in total control as you pilot your craft. You can access your complete system as you skim across the water.

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LED Delight

LEDs produced an amazing evening experience. Imagine cruising on the lake with these and your special someone tucked under your arm. Pow!

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We Custom Integrate

We customize vessels and vehicles with the following components


Speakers can be installed anywhere


These can be free standing or built in

Tower Speakers

Stacked towers of power for the feel

Led Lighting

Bring a beautiful glow throughout the vessel


The power source of your sound


Plenty of power for the rig

Head Units

This brings the entire system together


Matched controllers for the whole system

Price & Packages

Each project is designed and built unique to that customer. We meet with you and capture everything you want. Then our sound architect creates your design, with a timeline, and turnkey costs. We deliver it to you for sign off. These are fixed price packages. No surprises. Upon your approval and down payment, we go to work.


Your Design


  • On-site Visit
  • Your Visit is our Goal
  • Determine Your Timeline
  • We Deliver Your Design


Maximized Value

At Cost

  • We Shop for Best Price
  • No Markup
  • We Pickup and Warehouse
  • We Deliver


Below Market


  • Complete Plan
  • Consumables Included
  • One Third Pre-Payment
  • Electronic Payments Only


Nothing Missing

Locked In Price

  • Turnkey Plan
  • All Inclusive
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Customer Set Work Site
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Cities We Serve

We primarily service Austin / Lake Travis from a centralized Lakeway location. We are happy to travel to Canyon Lake or other locations off I-35. Please inquire.

Registered Office
12924 Appaloosa Chase Dr, Austin, TX, 78732

512-289-3625 512-727-8461

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